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The Self Sabotage Slayer

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Stop Hitting Snooze on Your Dreams: Slay Self-Doubt and Unleash Your Inner Hero!

Are you tired of:

  • Procrastinating on your dreams?
  • Doubting your abilities?
  • Feeling Like Your Worst Enemy?

You're not alone. Self-sabotage is a sneaky monster that holds us back from achieving our full potential. But fear not, brave warrior! The Self-Sabotage Slayer Notion Template is here to equip you with the tools you need to slay those self-doubts and finally achieve the goals you secretly dream of.

What's Holding You Back?

We all have those dreams, the ones that flicker in the corner of our minds, the whispered "what ifs" that linger just out of reach. Maybe it's starting your own business, finally writing that novel, or mastering a new skill. But between you and those dreams lies a formidable foe: self-sabotage.

Self-doubt, procrastination, perfectionism – these are the gremlins that creep in and hit the snooze button on your aspirations.

They whisper lies like:

  • "You're not good enough for that."
  • "It's too late to start now, everyone else is already ahead."
  • "What's the point? You'll just fail anyway."

But what if you could silence those voices? What if you could turn them into your biggest cheerleaders?

The Self-Sabotage Slayer Notion Template is your weapon in this battle. It's a powerful toolkit designed to help you:

  • Identify your self-sabotage gremlins: Learn to recognize the situations, emotions, or thoughts that lead you to self-doubt.
  • Develop personalized battle plans: Develop strategies to overcome your unique self-sabotaging tendencies.
  • Track your progress and celebrate your victories: Stay motivated and see how far you've come!

Imagine the feeling of accomplishment when you finally crush those gremlins and achieve that secret goal you've been holding onto.

The Self-Sabotage Slayer Notion Template can help you get there. (Insert image of someone celebrating a success)

What's included?

This Template is your arsenal, packed with powerful tools to dismantle your gremlins and conquer your goals. Here's how it empowers you:

1. Identify Your Gremlin Horde:

  • Self-Discovery Prompts: Dive deep with guided questions to uncover the specific thoughts and situations that trigger your self-sabotage.
  • Gremlin Tracker: Identify and categorize your self-doubting gremlins, giving them a face (or rather, a mischievous grin) to help you confront them head-on.

2. Craft Personalized Battle Plans:

  • Strategy Templates: Develop customized plans to address your unique gremlins. Overcome procrastination with time management tactics, or silence perfectionism with progress trackers.
  • Habit Builder: Form positive habits that replace self-sabotaging behaviors. Track your progress and witness the power of consistent action.

3. Track Your Progress & Celebrate Victories:

  • Goal Dashboard: Visualize your progress and stay motivated with a clear roadmap to your dreams.
  • Success Tracker: Celebrate milestones, big and small, to reinforce positive reinforcement and keep the momentum going.

The Self-Sabotage Slayer Notion Template isn't just a tool, it's your personalized battleground. It provides a space for self-reflection, strategy development, and progress tracking, all in one place. Imagine the feeling of conquering those self-doubts and achieving what once seemed impossible. This template can be your key to unlocking that potential.

Ready to silence the gremlins and slay your self-sabotage? (Insert Button: Get Your Self-Sabotage Slayer Template Now!)

Benefits: Who Should Slay With Me?

The Self-Sabotage Slayer isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, but it's perfect for a wide range of warriors battling self-doubt:

  • Goal Getters: Anyone with a dream they've been putting off, from starting a business to writing a novel or mastering a new skill.
  • Procrastination Fighters: If you struggle with getting started or following through, this template equips you with strategies to silence the inner voice urging you to hit snooze.
  • Perfectionism Crushers: Do you hold yourself to unrealistic standards that lead to self-doubt and paralysis? The Self-Sabotage Slayer helps you embrace progress over perfection.
  • Confidence Builders: Anyone seeking to boost their self-belief and inner strength will find valuable tools for overcoming self-doubt and negative self-talk.
  • Anyone Ready to Grow: This template is for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, develop positive habits, and unlock their full potential.

Do any of these sound like you? If so, the Self-Sabotage Slayer Notion Template is your weapon in the fight for self-mastery.

Who am I?

I am an ambassador for mental health because in 2012 my life fell apart overnight.

I lost

  • my partner,
  • my job and
  • gave away my 14-year-old daughter.

After 16 weeks in hospital, I was discharged with several diagnoses and the stamp: mentally ill.

I had to completely rebuild my life and became an experience expert as a result. All my information, experiences, instructions, checklists and routines are recorded in Notion.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Notion? Notion is a free-to-use single digital space where you can think, write, and plan. Capture thoughts, manage projects, or even run an entire company — and do it exactly the way you want. The Feelings Wheel is built inside Notion and is easy to use and set up even with no prior knowledge.
  2. Can I share this with anyone else? No. This product has a private license. Bulk purchases or enterprise, e-mail at
  3. Does this work on the free version of Notion? Yes, all you need is a free account.
  4. Can I be your affiliate? Sure thing! You can sign up as an affiliate here.
  5. Can I ask you questions? Of course! I'm always open to chat and respond to DM's on any of my socials. I have a response rate of a few hours, so don't be afraid to contact me.

Twitter or email to:

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The Self Sabotage Slayer

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